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Utah Business – Who Needs A DOT Medical Card?

Are you a Utah business owner? Being located in Salt Lake City, we get quite a few calls from local business owners asking whether or not they, or their employees, need a DOT medical card. UDOT Driver Qualification Rules Here is a brief summary of the Utah Department of Transportation driver qualification rules: Operates a […]

She Failed Her DOT Physical Exam

Yes, it does happen. Occasionally we get a driver who is unable to pass the DOT required physical exam. I recently had a woman driver come in for her DOT medical card and she failed her examination with flying colors. Her blood pressure was 190 over 120.  Yet she had no symptoms of high blood […]

DOT Physical: White Coat Syndrome Causes High Blood Pressure

Anxiety Induced High Blood Pressure White Coat Syndrome! There are those who say it doesn’t exist and then there’s the reality. For some people just the thought of setting foot in a doctor’s office feels like walking into a lion’s den. For a commercial driver whose livelihood depends on getting their medical card, their anxiety […]

Get Physical For Your Next DOT Physical: The 18 Wheel Boogie

Worried about the effects of your over the road lifestyle on your health? Will your medical card be at risk? Yes, the lifestyle of a commercial driver certainly has its limitations and challenges. The effects of gaining weight and increased blood pressure are concerns for many drivers when the time comes for their next DOT […]

DOT Physical: How Pets Help Reduce Commercial Drivers’ Blood Pressure

What Does A Pet Have To Do With A DOT Physical? When drivers come in to do their DOT physical for CDL certification, a concern we hear most frequently is about high blood pressure. In a news article,  High Blood Pressure: Commercial Driver Risk?, we’ve covered the FMCSR medical guidelines regarding blood pressure and commercial driver certification. […]

Salt Lake City Stop to Re-Certify DOT Medical Card

DOT Physical – Check that Heart Murmur Elwood M.  From West Plain,  MO stopped in today to get his DOT medical card re-certified. Haven’t seen him in quite a while. The last time was when he needed to have his previous DOT physical done. He was going through Salt Lake City at the time so […]

Heart Attack Driver Alive and Well

Good Day Drivers Good News! Heart Surgery and a New Lease on Life This morning when I arrived, Jim was here at the office and followed me in through the door. Jim was the driver I wrote about, in the article last week, who came in for his DOT physical exam and was having a […]

Having A Heart Attack and Don’t Know It?

Good Day Drivers I didn’t expect to be back on the blog so soon but … Just a DOT Physical I arrived at the office this morning to find a driver waiting for me. We’ll name him Jim for anonymity, not his real name. He needed to get his DOT medical card re-certified. He said […]

Hello World of Commercial Drivers!

Well here we are! Chiro Stop is going live on the web this Tuesday, March 9, 2010. I am looking forward to the ability to work with the drivers from all over the USA. Both here at the truck stop, in Salt Lake City, Utah and helping out with information and answering questions from drivers, […]