Deadline To Begin Using National Registry Certified Medical Examiners, May 21, 2014

ChiroStop at Sapp Bros truck stop in Salt Lake City, Utah is the place where commercial drivers have been stopping to get their medical cards for more than 10 years.

Now that the NRCME deadline is approaching, drivers are asking if they can still get their medical cards at ChiroStop.
The answer to that question is – YES!

Both Dr. Seals and Dr Parkes are registered medical examiners on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

What’s changed?

The qualifications to get your medical card aren’t new.
The DOT physical exam still checks the same health qualifications for drivers as in the past.

What’s new is that as of May 21, 2014, medical examiners have to be certified and registered, and drivers must get their medical exam and medical card from a certified examiner.

At ChiroStop we’ve got you covered.
Dr Kenn Seals is a certified examiner ~ National Registry #7664520988.
Dr Derek Parkes is a certified examiner ~ National Registry #8335907287.

Be prepared for your next DOT physical exam

Trucker Docs has a guidebook – How To TAKE THE STRESS Out Of Getting Your DOT MEDICAL CARD.
You can get a copy here on our new DOTPhysicalDOCTORS website.
The guidebook is a $15 value but is free for Commercial Drivers.
Get the Guidebook now!

The guidebook will walk you step by step through all the requirements to pass a medical exam.
Make sure you know the requirements before you get to your DOT physical appointment.

Most important is the section on medical conditions and medications.
In the past you may have gotten by without documentation from your primary care physician. Now you will need to take documentation with you for the medical examiner’s reference.

Your current medical card is still valid until the expiration date

The deadline of May 21, 2014 is somewhat confusing. This is not a deadline to get a new medical card. Your current medical card is still valid. You do not have to get a new DOT examination until your current card expires.

We recommend you set up an appointment for your next physical exam at least a few weeks before your card expires. That way you’ll have enough time to get your medical card updated on your CDL record with your state driver license agency.

Walk-ins are welcome at ChiroStop, but to ensure we’ll be available at a time you want, call 801-972-2332 to set up an appointment.


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