DOT Physical: White Coat Syndrome Causes High Blood Pressure

Anxiety Induced High Blood Pressure

White Coat Syndrome!
There are those who say it doesn’t exist and then there’s the reality.

For some people just the thought of setting foot in a doctor’s office feels like walking into a lion’s den. For a commercial driver whose livelihood depends on getting their medical card, their anxiety is quite understandable, and their blood pressure rises to the threat. Drivers realize that the DOT examining doctor could, potentially, pull them off the road by the end of the examination. Goodness, I wonder why they might have some stress at the time of the exam.

Clinical DOT Physical Experience

Have you ever been away from your home town when you needed to get your medical card re-certified?

You couldn’t get to your family doctor, so you had to find a medical examiner on the road and you ended up in one of those doc-in-a-box places. It was tough to find the place, there was no safe parking for your rig, you were treated like a number, had to wait around for ages in clinical surroundings. Everything about the place, including the white coats primed your body for the threat.

Stress and fear. If your blood pressure reads high, now you have reason to be even more anxious. Are you going to be stuck with your medical card limited to one year, or worse still, three months?

Driver Friendly DOT Physical

We saw such a driver in our office the other day. He was freaking out about passing the examination because he has white coat syndrome. So we took a quick blood pressure reading and it was elevated a few points into stage 1 hypertension.

We talked through his health history, told bad jokes, got him laughing and relaxed, and then took another reading. It read 136/86, below DOT requirements. We continued with the medical exam, and during that time took two more blood pressure readings. He was relaxed and his stress levels were down and he still had a pressure below 136/86. He passed his DOT physical with flying colors.

Stop By For a Free Blood Pressure Check

If you’re driving through Salt Lake City, come by Chiro Stop (no white coats here!) and meet Doc Kenn. Plenty of safe parking for your truck here at Sapp Bros. and lots of amenities for drivers.

We’d be happy to give you a free blood pressure check. Doc can even give you some tips on managing your blood pressure. When it’s time to re-certify your medical card you’ll know where you can come, and know that your blood pressure will stay within the range that’s normal for you.

Till then, be well!
Doc Kenn

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