Get Physical For Your Next DOT Physical: The 18 Wheel Boogie

Worried about the effects of your over the road lifestyle on your health? Will your medical card be at risk?

Yes, the lifestyle of a commercial driver certainly has its limitations and challenges. The effects of gaining weight and increased blood pressure are concerns for many drivers when the time comes for their next DOT physical.

You may not have a way to work out at the gym but you do have some heavy duty equipment right under your nose. So you might as well make it work for you. Why not do the 18 wheel boogie?

Here’s Doc’s DOT Physical “18 Wheel Boogie” workout:

Each time you need to do a tire check you have to “thump” 18 tires. Rather than just going from the front to the back and around to the front again, why not turn it into a useful workout? You may even decide to make it fun.

  • Get the tire thumper out and start with the two tires that are the fartherest away, right rear.
  • Then go the fartherest tires from there – left front.  Change thumper hand. Thump with enthusiasm.
  • Then go to the left rear tires and thump them with enthusiasm.
  • Then right rear tractor. Change hands, change lean, and thump away.
  • Then speed walk the long way around the trailer to the driver’s side tractor rears.
  • Then do the the opposite trailer tires.
  • Then the long way around the front of the track to the trailer right rears.

And there you have it – the 18 wheel boogie!

You’ve walked around the truck a few times, and burned some extra calories. You’ve moved most of your muscles for a few minutes, and helped your heart and your blood pressure.  You were able to beat the heck out of the tires and relieve any stress or frustration you’d built up. Better than a gym workout, especially if you changed thumper hands to balance your muscle workout – Biomechanics are important too, but that’s another story, for another time.

And, you really did check the air pressure and structural integrity of all the tires – a DOT physical for the truck and trailer.

Your mind may think this is not really exercise, but your body doesn’t know it, so it loves you for getting out of the truck and moving around. Keep this up and your next DOT physical will be a cake walk. What a deal.

Thanks for listening.  Travel safely!
Dr. Kenn

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