Having A Heart Attack and Don’t Know It?

Good Day Drivers

I didn’t expect to be back on the blog so soon but …

Just a DOT Physical

I arrived at the office this morning to find a driver waiting for me. We’ll name him Jim for anonymity, not his real name. He needed to get his DOT medical card re-certified. He said he was having some difficulty breathing. He’s a flat-bedder and hasn’t been able to tarp his load without stopping often to catch his breath.  I checked his blood pressure and found it to be almost unattainable. His heart rate was irregular. His breathing was labored and shallow and his lungs were filling with fluid.

He just wanted to re-certify so he could get on the road. He didn’t think anybody would believe him if he complained that he wasn’t feeling well.

Going Into Heart Failure

I explained that he was going into heart failure and that he really didn’t have a second choice other than get to the hospital right away. It took just a few minutes for him to realize that being found dead alongside his half-tarped truck would not be an option. We got him to the hospital right away.

How Will You Die?

When you die, do you want it to be in some horrible circumstance because your job took precedence over the things that are more important to you? Significant things like your health and your family. Commercial driving is a challenging lifestyle. Will it control the way you live, or will you manage the way you live, within its constraints? By knowing what the problems are, you can take action to make the outcome different.

I’ll keep you posted when I have news of Jim.

Any day above dirt is a good day.

Doc Kenn.

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