Salt Lake City Stop to Re-Certify DOT Medical Card

DOT Physical – Check that Heart Murmur

Elwood M.  From West Plain,  MO stopped in today to get his DOT medical card re-certified. Haven’t seen him in quite a while. The last time was when he needed to have his previous DOT physical done. He was going through Salt Lake City at the time so he had come in to see us.  We told him then about a heart murmur and wanted him to have it checked out.  He had his family physician check him over and all is well.  He told me that he’s had ‘many a physical’ and no one had ever said a word about the murmur.

Headed to CA with New Medical Card

He also said today that he had not been back through Salt Lake City since I’d seen him last, but he told all his friends and anyone who asks, to “go see the doc in Salt Lake”, because whether loaded or empty he could stop by and within 30 minutes get his DOT physical completed, done right and be on his way.  He’s headed to California with a new medical card and still in great shape.
Thanks Elwood for the nice words.
Travel Safely!
Dr. Kenn

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