She Failed Her DOT Physical Exam

Yes, it does happen. Occasionally we get a driver who is unable to pass the DOT required physical exam.

I recently had a woman driver come in for her DOT medical card and she failed her examination with flying colors.

  • Her blood pressure was 190 over 120.  Yet she had no symptoms of high blood pressure, just a long-standing headache. More on how high blood pressure affects your DOT medical card.
  • She was taking a prescription medication that made her drowsy while she drove and if she began to feel ill she had about 30 seconds to get the truck stopped before she basically passed out.

I had to fail her on her DOT medical examination.

Fortunately she wasn’t too surprised when I failed her. She had half expected it because she knew she was having problems with her medications. It’s amazing what she was going through, and still trying to keep on driving, and ignoring the possible consequences of her behavior which was a danger to herself and others.

How do you feel driving next to this driver while you’re busy trying to earn a living?

I figure if I have to drive next to you on the highways of America, I want you to be as safe and as healthy as possible, for you and for me.

Thanks drivers.
Travel Safely

Dr. Kenn

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