Utah Business – Who Needs A DOT Medical Card?

Are you a Utah business owner?

Being located in Salt Lake City, we get quite a few calls from local business owners asking whether or not they, or their employees, need a DOT medical card.

UDOT Driver Qualification Rules

Here is a brief summary of the Utah Department of Transportation driver qualification rules:

  • Operates a commercial vehicle that has a gross vehicle weight or gross combination weight of over 10,000 pounds
  • Operates a vehicle that is designed to transport more than 8 passengers for compensation (8 includes the driver)
  • Operates a vehicle that is designed to transport more than 15 passengers not for compensation (15 includes the driver)
  • Operates a vehicle used to transport hazardous material (49 U.S.C. 5103)

You can find more information at this link for the Utah Motor Carrier Division.

Do You or Your Employees Qualify Under the UDOT Rules?

UDOT rules do not apply only to large companies or interstate transporters. You may be as surprised as many other small business owners have been, when they were stopped by a local law enforcement officer.

These are some of the local businesses that have been to Chirostop to get their DOT physical done.

  • A lawn service operating from a pickup truck, towing a trailer with mowing equipment.
  • A small landscaping company, moving a small tractor, bobcat or ditch witch.
  • A small recycle business, using a pickup truck to haul potentially hazardous materials.
  • A company truck hauling a trailer with quad runners.
  • A company truck pulling a trailer, helping a family member move.
  • Hotel guest transportation vehicles.
  • A small transportation business.
  • Van transportation for employees at army or air force bases.
  • Movie camera crew moving equipment in a small van.

DOT Physical Exam

The DOT physical exam is completed in 3 simple steps – brief health history, medical exam, and paperwork – and at Chirostop we do our best to get you wrapped up in under 30 minutes. We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions on our website. For more information you are welcome to contact us at Chirostop in Sapp Bros. truck stop.

We look forward to helping you get your DOT medical card needs taken care of.

Dr. Kenn

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  1. Trucker Doc

     /  November 26, 2012

    $65 for a DOT Physical. Bring ID and a need to pee (urinalysis for blood sugar).
    All information is on our website front page http://dotphysicalutah.com/
    Thanks for the question.
    Trucker Doc

  2. Daniel Clark

     /  November 25, 2012

    Hey Doc, how much do you charge for the DOT Medical Card? mine has expired and I can’t get my hard copy till I get this medical card updated. If you could please tell me how much you charge I will be there to take it and go get my hard copy of my CDL back. Thanks Daniel Clark

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